We will explore the Neapolitan capital which reinvents itself every day.

Our UCCB in Naples will be full of surprises in the name of urban forefronts and the most significant innovations in the cultural and creative fields. We will explore the city from a new perspective. Guided by the main figures of local entrepreneurship, we will discover the places of the contemporary Naples that make it the new hotspot of social and technological innovation in Southern Italy, a true outpost for the whole Southern Europe.
Gambardella Architetti is a restoration and landscape architecture studio established in Naples in the late fifties. At the end of the ‘80s, Cherubino Gambardella, the founder’s son, focused the studio on design and composition. Guided by his peculiar artisanal vision of architecture, we will explore his recent intervention in Scampia and the Piscinola station of the Metro of art.

In the company of Danilo Capasso we will discover the mission and the business model of the Apple Developer Academy, where Mr. Capasso teaches. The Academy attracts students from a wide range of fields, to train a new generation of developers with skills in design and management.

We will enter the headquarters of Buzzoole, a technological platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows to manage and measure the performance of Influencer Marketing campaigns. Together with Fabrizio Perrone we will take an in-depth view at the business model and values guiding the development of this global platform.

We will be welcomed into the Gnosis Progetti architectural studio by Francesco Bonfantino, who will tell us how they found an organizational model based on cooperation that fully reflects their trust in collective intelligence.

We will visit the Hotel Piazza Bellini, one of the most recent redevelopment projects by Od’A Officina of architecture, which has turned one of the oldest hotels in the city (dating back to the 16th century) into an open place for young minds and trends.

Welcomed by Bruno La Mura, we will have the opportunity to visit the Intolab Space inside the Lanificio 25. A hub of activities in the artistic and cultural fields that deals (among other projects) with the management, promotion, and organization of concerts and festivals, artistic and cultural events, exhibitions, and performances.

Those who want can stay with us at SuperOptium: a new hospitality format aimed at experiencing art and design and discovering the more creative side of Naples.

The founders of Vulcanica Architettura are Eduardo Borrelli, Marina Borrelli, Aldo di Chio. They stubbornly choose to continue working in their city convinced that, to be a good citizen, we must contribute to building it with courage and a bit of recklessness. We will visit one of their most recent and far-sighted projects: the redevelopment of an artifact of industrial archeology, BRIN 69.

The 137A, is a multidisciplinary laboratory of creativity and design. Following the principle of co-working, artists, designers, architects, photographers and stylists collaborate and share the space. We’ll enjoy an aperitif with the founders.

Città della Scienza is the first Italian interactive science museum. A place for experimentation, learning, fun, meeting and constructive dialogue with science and technology. The city of Science is the place to visit for scientific education and cultural tourism.

The Quartiere Intelligente, (Smart Neighbourhood) is located in the heart of the monumental Montesanto’s stairway. It’s a cultural center, an urban laboratory for innovative practices, a platform for cooperation and cultural production capable of regenerating a portion of the city and removing it from degradation.

Luca Borriello will take us to one of the places and projects that has best managed to combine artistic redevelopment and social regeneration: the Murales Park, in the Ponticelli district, one of the areas of Naples with the highest rate of school abandonment and unemployment. The project was implemented by INWARD, an observatory that carries out research in the field of urban creativity, with a valorization model that combines public-private and non-profit on a European level.

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