UCCB - Urban Creative City-break

A unique travel formula: 4 days of inspiration, 10 exclusive meetings with leading players from the creative industry.

The Urban Creative City-breaks are an extraordinary professional and educational experience. Over the course of four days, the trip offers 10 meetings with renowned professionals, studio owners and key players in the local creative industry – successful entrepreneurs, designers, publishers, architects, chefs, innovators – who welcome the group into their workplaces and give us an insider’s view of the city.

The UCCBs are an experience that is impossible to do on your own: a unique formula on the market, designed specifically for managers, entrepreneurs, planners and consultants working in marketing, communication, design and innovation. Four days immersed in the urban avant-garde, a valuable opportunity for professional growth and exchange with cultural operators, city makers, innovators.

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UCCBs are back!

The Urban Creative City-breaks, our original travel format born in 2016 to get to know the most dynamic cities from a fresh perspective, are back.

After the long stop caused by the pandemic, we are finally back to unveil the most fascinating sides of cities around the world. The first trips of the 2023 Urban Creative City-break took place in Paris and Miami. Scheduled for 2024: London, Amsterdam+Rotterdam and Vienna+Bratislava.

Previous UCCBs

Relive the experiences

Glasgow + Edinburgh

UCCB #12 — 20/23-11-2019


UCCB #11 — 24/26-10-2019

New York

UCCB #10 — 25/29-09-2019

Helsinki + Tallinn

UCCB #9 — 26/29-06-2019

Tel Aviv

UCCB #8 — 17/20-03-2019


UCCB #7 — 04/07-10-2018


UCCB #6 — 28/30-06-2018


UCCB incoming #2 — 30-10/01-11-2018


UCCB incoming #1 — 17/19-10-2018


UCCB #5 — 22/25-03-2018

Copenhagen + Malmö

UCCB #4 – 07/10-12-2017


UCCB #3 — 14/17-07-2017


UCCB #2 — 30-03/02-04-2017


UCCB #1 — 16/19-11-2016

Why travel with us?


Professional networking, small groups, unrestricted exploration, outstanding itinerary.

You will have direct contact with leaders of the international creative industry, with whom you will be able to create an informal and fruitful interaction and receive concrete guidance. You will find the ideal environment to confront yourself with other professionals in your field, or professionals who are pursuing the same goals as you in different fields. You will have the opportunity to stay up to date on the main trends in cities, markets, and business models.

Business Opportunities

Unlock business opportunities by becoming part of our vibrant community.

Urban Creative City-breaks allow you to concentrate the work of an entire year into four days: finding new contacts, high-level networking, new professional relationships, customer acquisition, training opportunities, exploring new business models, learning new skills in your industry and insights into trends directly from the most interesting international realities.


Research-led city breaks with experienced urban guides.

A year of research and two city inspections are almost impossible to do alone. Reaching the leaders of the creative industry is very difficult, but, with us, you will have access to exclusive realities, narrated by their founders.

You will have highly qualified professionals as your travelling companions, you will gain a lot of insights and inspiration through direct and informal meetings.

The creative comeback you will get is incomparable to that of any other trip, and you will get to know a city –even a well-known one– in a new and different way.

Who can benefit from UCCB?

Managers, entrepreneurs, designers, freelancers, and consultants working in marketing, communication, design and innovation.

Our hosts


Andrew Tuck

Founding Editor of Monocle

Frank Uffen

Chief Marketing Officer of The Student Hotel

Michael Horsham

Founder of Tomato

Mirik Milan

Night Mayor of Amsterdam

Ole Abildsnes

Sales and Mktg Manager of Mission

Philipp Bouteiller

CEO of Tegel Projekt

Sibylle Schlaich

Founder and CEO of Moniteurs

Sverre Landmark

Founding Director & VP of Aspelin Ramm

Janna Kiseleva

CEO of JK Lab

Thomas Higgins

Founder of Grid


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Four days of pure inspiration

Urban exploration
Out-of-the-ordinary meetings

The life and atmosphere of each city, the places and transformations, the people who animate it: we reach the heart of each place we visit.

What we offer

UCCB outbound

Explore the creative industry in international cities.

Come with us to discover the local creative industry through urban exploration, access to the most inspiring workplaces and exclusive meetings with architects, designers, publishers, entrepreneurs.
UCCB offers four packages to suit your needs: from meetings only to a complete experience, including flights and hotels.

UCCB inbound

Discover Italian cities from an unprecedented and inspiring point of view.

With a UCCB Incoming you will have the chance to visit Italian cities from an original and innovative point of view, thanks to exclusive meetings with the leaders of local creativity.
This trip is also dedicated to groups from abroad, to introduce them to the most avant-garde professional studios and urban spaces in Italy.

UCCB Bespoke

A custom-made city-break tailored to your needs.

If you need new inspiration for your business, a Taylor-made UCCB is the right choice: you can get to know the creative realities that are closest to you and receive valuable insights – in Italy or abroad.
These trips are aimed at companies that want to get to know new realities and market sectors through educational meetings in workplaces and urban explorations.

Cities are changing.

Do you want to get to know them with us?